The “Siput Kepah” Dance
Eric Chong discusses the merits of an unconventional but rewarding pastime where participants "do the jig" on the seabed to the tune of gentle lapping waves.

The Traditional Healer of Langkawi
One of the less appealing denizen of the Langkawi waters, the Gamat is a species of sea cucumber which hold many healing and medicinal properties. Join the writer as he dispenses facts, stories and a gruesome experience.

The Coolest Spot in Langkawi
Langkawi's highest peak offers respite from the tropical heat and rewards visitors with a bird's eye view of the islands. Eric Chong rises to the occasion for this story.

Traditional Massage
Eric Chong studies the science behind the magic of a local witch doctor(bomoh)'s "therapy of pain". In the process, he cautions against excessive smirking.
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The lost well of
Mat Chincang

Have you ever trudged all the way up to Langkawi's Seven Wells only to feel shortchanged by the number of "wells" in sight? Intrepid explorer Eric Chong goes deep into the playground of fairies to seek some answers.

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