About the writer

Eric Chong

Eric Chong was born and bred in Penang but has spent a considerable amount of time in Langkawi – from his childhood days on fishing and hunting excursions with his family and later when he worked on the island as a teacher and recreational manager.
A graduate from the University of Calgary, Canada with a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Education, Eric is also a certified NAUI dive instructor, swimming coach and outdoor program facilitator.
Prior to contributing for this website, he has written for publications on tourism and fishing.
Currently, Eric runs his own outdoor teambuilding company – Extra Sensory Pursuits (ESP) which conduct outdoor activities, teambuilding programs and customized events for corporate entities.
Among his friends, he is often referred to with a sense of awe is best known for his pubic1 speaking prowess.
To contact Eric, email him at ericsd@pd.jaring.my.

1. Not a typo error.  

Left: The writer (circled) was raised by the lost tribe of Giant Pygmys before being discovered and brought back to civilisation.

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